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Range Security

Nick Pipinich (406) 580-0571

All members,


     Remember if another member has an electronic key card that does not work, have them call a me at number listed above. It may not be current and therefore doesn’t work, PLEASE don’t just let them in. Please put your trash in the blue dumpster by the large storage building and your cardboard in the recycling bin by the big building.  A reminder for everyone to shoot into the burms and not in the middle of the bays off of the ground, even with ground targets, please put them against a burm.


     Shooters please refrain from shooting shotguns at plywood targets in all bays as it tears them up.  Bring your own cardboard target backing to pattern shotguns or  practice with them, please make sure to remove the targets when you are done and take them back with you or throw them away in dumpster and cardboard in recycling bin.  


    Please DO NOT shoot the spools these are meant for placing your shooting items on top of and for rests NOT for target to be shot at in the bays.



Please PICKUP your trash! Put your cardboard in the recycle bin


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