Manhattan Wildlife Association


Range Security


All members,


     Remember to lock the gate behind you and put your trash in the blue dumpster by the large storage building. A reminder for everyone to shoot into the burms and not over top of them or outside of the bays.


    Shooters please refrain from shooting shotguns at   plywood targets in all bays as it tears them up.  Bring your own cardboard target backing to pattern shotguns or practice with them.  We have placed new metal frames next to the target boards for this purpose, please use them.


    Special note that Tannerite or any form of explosive compound that is detonated by shooting it is expressively prohibited from use at the MWA Range.


     Please make sure you have renewed your membership and have your card with you when you come out to the range. This year’s renewal is included in this newsletter and is also available on the internet and from Vendors around Gallatin Valley.


Please PICKUP your trash! Put your cardboard in the recycle bin


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