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 The purpose of this program is the development of future responsible bird hunters who contribute to our environmental future through involvement in habitat improvement and habitat protection for upland birds and other wild species. Youth completing the program will also be taught skills needed to be a safe hunter in most bird hunting situations.


 Fifteen (15) youth between the ages of 11-15 will be chosen from successful graduates of the spring 2021 Hunters’ Education Program or prior graduates in Gallatin or Park Counties. Recommendations by their Hunters’ Education Instructors to participate in the program is encouraged. One of the many criteria of the selection process is based on providing the opportunity to youth who would have a difficult time learning the skills taught in this program at home. All youth selected must have in their possession a valid Montana hunting license for upland game by September 18, 2021. All youth will be asked to join Pheasants Forever as a youth member at no cost to them and will receive several Pheasants Forever magazines designed for youth on Bird Habitat. Any Youth at any time may be removed from the program at the sole discretion of Pheasants Forever.



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