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Frequently Asked Questions


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This is our FAQ section. We will add to this section as common questions come up.


1. Does the range have hours?

NO it does not have hours. Within reason it is from Dawn till Dusk. Though there are activities that shoot later as in Skeet and Trap and some on the pistol and rifle range but in general no it does not have hours.



2. Does the range rent guns?

NO we do not.



3. Does the range sell ammo?

In most cases NO the only caveat to that is that we do sell ammo for shotgun shooting and that is done on the same timeframe that the trap and skeet are out there on Wednesday evenings and Sunday's. Also there are some other competitions and activities that ammo is sold at.



4. Does the MWA sell reloading components?

The MWA does have a limited supply of components. Anyone interested can contact Gary Delin for the list of components that we have in and the times that you can acquire those. You can check on our components on our home page of our website to the left.



5. What about bringing or inviting a guest?

Yes we do have a guest policy. You can bring one guest, one time or one individual per time. You cannot bring a quest multiple times. If you want to bring two different guest at two different times to introduce them to the range that's fine. If you have immediate family members that are traveling in from out of town and you want to bring them out to the range just to have a fun day, we are fine with that as long as it doesn't occur more than once a year.



6. Is there indoor shooting facilities at the Range?

NO, we do not have indoor shooting facilities for shooting. We do have overhangs and covers to shoot from under.



7. Does the MWA have targets out at the range for sale to general members at any time?

NO we do not sell targets on-site at the site range. Those should be picked up prior to coming out to the range. The only caveat to this is doing our Public Sight-In days and during certain shooting events, targets will be made available.



8. Is there a discounted membership available after the first of the year?

NO our membership is $40 a year going from June 1 to June 1 we do not prorated.



9. What are if any caliber limitations at the range?

There is a caliber limitation at the range. 50 BMG and under. We do not want you to shoot 50 BMG's at the steel target or any of the steel hanging targets. Also there is to be no incendiary, tracer, exploding or armor piercing rounds at all no matter what the caliber. There is to be no exploding targets or exploding devices whatsoever that includes Tannerite.



10. Who is included in the MWA Membership?

A membership in the Manhattan Wildlife Association consists of a family membership those 18 years and younger living with you. If there are older children than that or are not living with you they have to have their own membership.



11. Does the MWA have a day use fee or single use fee?

NO. We do have Public Site-In days. That is a five dollars a gun site in and shooting on specified days you can check our calendar for those days past that you have to have a Year membership to utilize the range.


12. Where can I watch the Orientation Video?

MWA Orientation presentation in order to purchase or renew your membership is now available to watch for all members. It is available to watch at the Range on Wednesday Evenings starting at 6pm, Thursdays during Old Farts & Sunday Afternoons starting at about 1pm. It is also available at the Indoor Range in Bozeman, see the following link for the Calendar of available times; INDOOR RANGE