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Cowboy Silhouette

Tony Garibaldi (406) 587-2072











Our Match Dated for the 2017 Season is as follows:

May 9th, June 13’th, July 11’th & August 8th


Setup starts at 4pm and shooting there after. You may come as late as 7pm.


Cowboy Silhouette is shot standing , unsupported .

No slings or scopes are allowed.

Rifle must be a lever action with a tubular magazine .

Ammo must be a rimmed cartridge (exception being 35 Rem. )

No single loading.

Bullets can be copper jacket or lead.

Any ammo damaging targets will be shut down.

Course of fire is 40 rounds for score.

Targets are 50-100-150 & 200 yards.

10 rounds are fired at each distance. 

Targets must fall to count.

Shooter has two min. to fire five rounds.

There is a $5.00 charge per shooter.

No trophies or awards , only bragging rights.


Any questions call Tony 580-3402

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