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We are trying to get Best Buy Shooting Supply to bring a load of shooting supplies (components and shells) to Logan again this year. They (Bill and Nyla Johnson) tell us that things are still very hard to come by, especially powder and primers. They are hoping to come to MWA’s first ATA trap shoot on March 30th, but that depends on the amount of components they receive from their suppliers between now and then. They are skeptical if enough of the supplies they have ordered will arrive by the end of March. What may happen is they will wait until they get enough to make the trip worth their and our while, which may mean sometime in April, May or June. It will just depend.


BEST BUY SHOOTING SUPPLY HAS REQUESTED MWA MEMBERS NOT CONTACT THEM WITH ORDERS THIS YEAR.  We hope to streamline the ordering and receiving process by having members e-mail or call your orders in to us the MWA. Since we do not know when or what exactly we will be receiving, we will not call this an order, but only a Wish List of items you hope to get. When we get an order in, we will notify people and set up a time(s) to get the products sold to you members. We have set up an email address of for you to send in your wish list, or you can call me, Gary Delin at

587-2581 or 580-992 to do the same. Please leave a message if no one answers. You may also leave your list at the trap counter at the range on Wednesday evenings or Sunday afternoons when trap shooting is open. There is a list of items and prices of what we still have in stock for components and shells at the trapshooting counter at the club.


Once again, Please do not call or e-­mail Best Buy Shooting Supplies with orders.

They have requested that we handle all of that through the club this year.


Thank you.

Gary Delin