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The 2018 Shooting Season is here and it looks like a busy one. Please check back frequently for changes and update..


** Special Notice **

Starting January 1, 2018 members will only be able to access the Range through the electronic gate with their Electron Gate Card.  The combination green gate will no longer provide access for members.  You will need a Gate Card for access to the Range Facility.  See below for dates and times to pick up Electron Gate cards.


Also, January 1, 2018, Memberships will no longer be available for purchase anywhere in local stores at locations like Murdoch's, Sportsman Warehouse, etc.  From this date forward, the Range Facility will be the only location to purchase a membership.  The specific dates for members or potential members wanting to buy memberships, view video and/or pickup Electronic gate cards are listed below and will be only on Sunday afternoons.


Next year, active members as in the past are able to renew their membership through the mail.  Additionally, the MWA is currently working on Credit Card and Debit card processing service for range membership renewals and also on the internet. We will keep the membership updated on this process as we proceed.


The MWA will ONLY have the following dates for Electronic Gate Card Pickup and memberships Sales in 2018.


January 9th & January 23’rd (Tuesdays) 2018, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm  Electronic Gate card pickup ONLY (NO sales or video viewing)


Listed below are the ONLY dates for Membership sales, renewals and Video viewing.  Gate cards can also be picked up at these times. To facilitate access, the Gate will be open during normal Trap days from 12:30 – 5:00 pm ONLY.


February 11’Th (Sunday) 2018

March 25’Th (Sunday) 2018

April 15’Th (Sunday) 2018

May 20’Th (Sunday) 2018

June 10’Th (Sunday) 2018

July 15’Th (Sunday) 2018

August 12’Th (Sunday) 2018

September 16’Th (Sunday) 2018

October 14’Th (Sunday) 2018

November 11’Th (Sunday) 2018

December 16’Th (Sunday) 2018



Please be sure to check out these sections listed on the left (Club Calendar & Range Closure and Usage) before you head out to the range to ensure that the particular shooting that you want to do will be open at the time you are going out.


Also please remember to pick up your trash and keep the range clean for all of us. If you bring out ANYTHING to shoot at please be sure to take it back home with you to keep everything clean at the range for all of us. Please be sure to use the Cardboard recycling box instead of throwing your cardboard in the barrels or dumpster.


Also remember that the Guest registration box is now available and is on the main clubhouse nest to the bathroom door. It is a $10.00 per guest per day and once you fill out the form for each guest and place payment in the envelope, deposit  the envelope in the security box below. Have the guest hold on to the guest card until they leave the range with you.


We hope to see you out at the Range and hope you have a great shooting year.

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